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Our FEA Services

Choose Worquick for unparalleled structural engineering and design services tailored to the distinct requirements of a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Rail, Civil Structures, Green Energy, and Oil & Gas. Our dedicated team of highly qualified aerospace, marine, civil, and mechanical engineers is devoted to empowering businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals by providing cutting-edge, efficient, and budget-friendly engineering solutions. Regardless of whether you need our expertise for an entire project or merely a specific component, Worquick is your partner in success.

 Our comprehensive services include:


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our experts use advanced FEA software to conduct stress analysis, modal analysis, and thermal analysis, ensuring the structural integrity and performance of your composite and steel structures.

Composite Material Analysis

We specialize in the analysis and design of composite materials, offering tailored solutions for the unique challenges and opportunities presented by composites.

Nonlinear Analysis

We offer advanced nonlinear analysis services to address complex structural behavior, including geometric and material nonlinearities, contact problems, and large deformations.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Our team of experts can provide custom engineering solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your project is a success from concept to completion.

Structural Design and Optimization

Worquick's engineers create efficient and reliable structural designs, incorporating the latest industry standards and materials. Our design optimization services focus on reducing weight and cost while maintaining high performance.

Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

Our team performs in-depth fatigue and fracture analyses to ensure the durability and longevity of your structures, helping you avoid costly failures and downtime.

Dynamic Analysis and Vibration Control

Worquick's engineers excel in dynamic analysis and vibration control, helping you design structures that can withstand dynamic loads, reducing noise and improving overall performance.

What Our Clients Say


Worquick provided top-notch engineering consultancy for our green energy project, assisting us with the design and optimization of a large-scale composite structure. Their team's deep knowledge and attention to detail made a significant difference in our project's success. We highly recommend Worquick for their outstanding structural engineering services.

Thomas Gab, Director of Engineering, GreenWave Energy Solutions

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