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Our Process

At WorQuick, we create automation tools that are tailored to each of our clients' unique needs. Here's how we go about it: 


Worquick Meeting

Analyze & Design

First, our experts will analyze and understand the processes you want to automate by spending time with the key person(s) involved in those processes at your company.

Our experts will also provide you with suggestions and advice per their analysis. For example, if they think you are missing something important or if your team should change how they approach centain tasks, they'll let you know. Yes, this is also part of our job!

Analyse & Design



Once come to an agreement and set the targets, our team will begin developing your custom tool(s). We'll first create and deploy a quick prototype to ensure that everything is functional.

Active communication is very important at this stage to ensure your tools are delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This is why we like setting weekly meetings to provide your team with updates on our development progress, take in their feedback and answer any queries they may have.

Worquick Software engineer



Worquick Expert training

This is the final stage of our process where we integrate your custom tools into your enrivroment. 

We thoroughly document all of our tools. We'll also provide your team with training sessions, webinars, and support before, during and after your go-live. You will never be alone! 


once you begin using your tools, we'll continue to be around to add features and make enhancements as needed. 


Let's get started!

Book your personalized demo today and learn how WorQuick can
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