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Simcenter Femap Expert Review, Pricing, and Alternatives - 2024

Updated: Mar 21

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What’s special about Femap?

On top of being accurate, flexible, and feature-rich, Simcenter Femap is perhaps the most cost-effective simulation software available today. It’s also quite accessible with a free 1-month trial that you don’t need to jump through hoops to get.

Product: Femap

Founding Date: 1985

IPO Status: Public

Founders: George Rudy

Deployment Type: On-premise (self-hosted)

Free Trial: Available 1 month

Company HQ: Plano, Texas, United States

Rating: 4.3 ⭐ | 23


Table of Contents:


What is Femap?

Simcenter Femap is an advanced engineering simulation software solution used for creating, editing, and analyzing finite element models of complex engineering products and systems. It is widely known for its integration with industry-standard solvers like Nastran, providing accurate and reliable results for a range of applications such as static, thermal, structural, and CFD analysis.

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Pros of Simcenter Femap

  • Easy installation and usage of basic systems.

  • Highly compatible with other Siemens products like Siemens NX and Solid Edge.

  • Extensive analysis capabilities, including static, thermal, and structural analysis.

  • Powerful Nastran solver for accurate results.

  • User-friendly interface, with a good user community and responsive development team.

  • Built-in API programming and macro creation for customization and automation.

  • Continual improvements and updates to the software.

Cons of Simcenter Femap

  • Though the user interface is great, there is a learning curve due to the sheer amount of features, which can overwhelm a new user.

  • Limited mesh control and solver control.

  • Additional costs for annual maintenance and support to access new versions.


At WorQuick, we're at the forefront of engineering excellence. Central to our expertise is Simcenter FEMAP, a flagship software in the expansive world of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Many recognize FEMAP for its capabilities in structural modeling, thermal simulations, and multibody interactions. However, we delve deeper. We leverage its strengths in areas like acoustics, longevity and durability studies, and simulations for additive manufacturing. Our approach isn't just about employing these features; it's about enhancing them with custom scripts, plugins, and the integration of machine learning techniques. We're on a mission to set new standards in the global engineering arena with unparalleled solutions. For organizations aiming to refine and streamline their design and analytical tasks, our specialized scripts and plugins provide the pinnacle of automation. Looking to transform your engineering methodologies? Reach out and let's redefine what your FEA journey looks like.


Simcenter Femap Pricing

Simcenter Femap offers a monthly subscription plan starting at $539/month, which includes Femap and Nastran as a solver. Perpetual licenses start from $8,000, but annual maintenance and support fees must be paid to access support. The company also offers a 1-month free trial including Nastran's solver which is quite impressive, considering how free trials are almost unheard of with FEA software providers.

Simcenter Femap's Target Market

Simcenter Femap serves multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, and manufacturing. With its competitive pricing and comprehensive features, it is an ideal choice for freelancers and small businesses seeking cost-effective solutions. Moreover, we know for a fact that many prestigious enterprises like Jet Aviation rely on Simcenter Femap for its reliability and extensive simulation capabilities, so companies of all sizes can use it and derive value.

Simcenter Femap Features

  • Advanced analysis tools for static, thermal, structural, and CFD analysis.

  • Integration with industry-standard solvers like Nastran for accurate results.

  • Compatibility with various CAD applications and processes.

  • User-friendly interface and responsive development team.

  • Built-in API programming and macro creation for customization and automation.

Femap Deployment Type and Implementation

Simcenter Femap is a self-hosted (on-premise) product, which means you'll need to download and install it on your computer and host it on your servers.

Femap Customer Support

Siemens offers customer support through various channels, such as online resources, forums, and direct contact with the development team. Users can expect responsive and helpful support when needed.

Femap Integrations

Simcenter Femap is highly integrated with other Siemens products like Siemens NX and Solid Edge, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. It can also integrate with Nastran, Abaqus, and LS-Dyna.

The company behind Femap

Simcenter Femap is developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software, a leading global technology company founded in 1847. Initially focused on the telegraph business, Siemens has evolved throughout its long history to become a pioneer in various fields, including the development of advanced simulation software.

In 2007, Siemens acquired UGS Corp., the company behind Femap, to strengthen its portfolio of simulation solutions. Since this strategic acquisition, Siemens has continued to refine and expand its software offerings, empowering engineers worldwide to tackle complex challenges with cutting-edge tools like Simcenter Femap.

Simcenter Femap Scripting, Customization and Automation

The Femap Application Programming Interface (API) offers users a lot of flexibility, automation, and integration options. From my experience using Femap to develop dedicated tools, I can attest that Femap’s API lets you tailor the software to your industry requirements and workflows. Its user-friendly design, built on industry-standard programming languages, makes it accessible for both novice and experienced programmers.

You can automate a lot of processes with the help of Femap’s API to reduce time spent on manual work and minimize human error. Furthermore, seamless integration with other Siemens products and third-party software solutions allows you to create a cohesive engineering ecosystem, leveraging multiple applications' strengths. Simply put, the API expands the capabilities of Simcenter Femap with virtually no limits.


Is it hard to learn Femap?

The learning curve for Femap may vary depending on your background. The software's user-friendly design and the availability of learning resources make it accessible to both experienced engineers and newcomers to the field. With dedication and some practice, we believe mastering Femap is achievable.

What is the difference between Nastran and FEMAP?

Nastran is an FEA solver that performs structural analysis, while Femap is a pre-and post-processing tool that integrates with solvers like Nastran to create, manage, and evaluate FEA models. Together, they form a powerful and comprehensive solution for engineering simulations and analysis with use cases for many industries.

FEMAP Alternatives

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