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Altair HyperWorks Expert Review, Pricing, and Alternatives - 2023.

Updated: Oct 7

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What’s special about HyperWorks?Altair HyperWorks is an all-encompassing CAE software suite that covers modelling, meshing, and solving. With its range of products under the HyperWorks brand, it caters to various industries and applications, making it a competitive choice for engineers looking to perform complex finite element analyses with advanced mesh control.

Product: Altair HyperWorks

Founding Date: 1978

Company: Altair Engineering Inc.

IPO Status: Public

Founders: James R. Scapa/ George Christ/ Mark Kistner

Deployment Type: On-premise (self-hosted) and Cloud solution

Free Trial: On Request

Company HQ: Troy, Michigan, United States

Rating: 4.1⭐ | 58


What is HyperWorks?

Altair HyperWorks is a comprehensive CAE software suite developed by Altair Engineering. It encompasses all aspects of CAE, including modeling, meshing, and solving. Key features include Hypermesh, OptiStruct, RADIOSS, HyperStudy, AcuSolve, and FEKO. These tools offer advanced capabilities in structural analysis, CFD, and electromagnetic simulations, making HyperWorks a versatile choice for tackling a wide array of engineering problems.

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Pros of HyperWorks:

  • Industry-leading meshing capabilities with Hypermesh

  • User-friendly and efficient interface, particularly in the latest updates

  • Wide range of applications, including structural analysis, CFD, and electromagnetic simulations

  • Continuous improvement in the graphic user interface

  • High performance in solving complex FEA problems

  • Multiple solvers like Optistruct and RADIOSS for different types of analysis

  • Supports various kinds of extension files and can solve any kind of model with ease.

  • Meshing components and "best element level control."

  • Multiple online support forums are available.

  • Automates stress-strain calculations and reduces manual labour.

Cons of HyperWorks:

  • Dependency on other models before post-processing and plotting results.

  • The interface could be improved to be more intuitive.

  • Mesh controls are not stored, and geometric handling features could be improved.

  • Certain limitations in HyperWorks, including missing some important pre-processing solvers.

  • Compatibility issues that need to be resolved.

  • Step learning curve due to complex control cards

  • Bugs and crashes, especially in certain versions

  • Some users find the GUI overwhelming

  • Less robust when handling non-linear analysis compared to competitors

  • Undo option only one step back

  • Expensive

Delving into the Advanced Capabilities of Altair HyperWorks:

At WorQuick, our passion for engineering excellence is evident. A foundational element of our technical mastery is Altair HyperWorks, a premier name in the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) arena. While many recognize HyperWorks for its capabilities in structural modeling, thermal evaluations, and multibody dynamics, we go the extra mile. We exploit its features for acoustics, durability studies, and the intricacies of additive manufacturing simulations. Our engagement, however, isn't limited to just using these features; we magnify their potential through bespoke scripts, plugins, and the integration of machine learning techniques. Our ambition is to redefine the frontiers of global engineering with pioneering solutions. For organizations aiming to enhance their design and analytical methodologies, our custom scripts and plugins provide unparalleled automation. Ready to ascend in your engineering operations? Reach out to learn how we can elevate your FEA endeavors.

HyperWorks Pricing

The pricing of Altair HyperWorks is not publicly available, as it depends on the specific needs of each user. To obtain accurate pricing information, it is best to contact Altair directly and request a customized quote.

HyperWork's Target Market

Altair HyperWorks is designed for businesses of all sizes, particularly in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and more. Its comprehensive suite of tools makes it suitable for addressing a variety of engineering problems across these sectors.

HyperWork Features:

  • Advanced meshing capabilities with Hypermesh

  • OptiStruct for linear and non-linear structural design and optimization

  • RADIOSS for solving highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings

  • HyperStudy for design of experiments and multi-disciplinary design optimization

  • AcuSolve for general-purpose finite element-based CFD simulations

  • FEKO for 3D electromagnetic simulations

  • Composite materials modeling and optimization

  • Multiphysics simulation for composite parts and tools

  • Design feedback and manufacturing process simulation

  • User-friendly GUI with a focus on meshing capabilities

  • Extensive support for various file formats

Some of the key components within the HyperWorks suite include:

  1. HyperMesh: A high-performance finite element pre-processor for preparing models for computer-aided engineering analysis.

  2. HyperView: A post-processing and visualization tool for finite element analysis, multi-body system simulation, CFD, and other engineering data.

  3. OptiStruct: An optimization-driven structural analysis and design tool that helps engineers create lightweight and structurally efficient designs.

  4. RADIOSS: A finite element solver for linear and non-linear simulations, often used for crash analysis, impact simulation, and other related applications.

HyperWorks Deployment Type and Implementation: Altair HyperWorks is a self-hosted (on-premise) product and Cloud Hosted, which means users can download and install the software on their computers and host it on their servers as well as use Could services

HyperWorks Customer Support: Altair provides customer support through online resources, such as product documentation, help articles, and FAQs. They also offer local support in various countries through their offices.

HyperWorks Integrations: Altair HyperWorks can be integrated with other Altair products and third-party software to expand its capabilities and streamline workflows.

HyperWorks Scripting, Customization and Automation::

The HyperWorks Customization Environment (HWCE) by Altair is an indispensable framework for extending and customizing HyperMesh and other HyperWorks applications, significantly enhancing productivity and streamlining engineering processes. As an engineer, it is highly recommended to leverage HWCE's support for multiple scripting languages, such as Tcl/Tk, Python, and Visual Basic, as well as its extensive Application Programming Interface (API) for efficient programmatic manipulation of HyperMesh.

By developing custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs), tools, and User-defined Functions (UDFs), you can effectively address unique requirements, automate repetitive tasks, and dramatically improve overall usability. Embrace the seamless integration of HWCE with other HyperWorks applications like HyperView, HyperGraph, and HyperStudy to create a cohesive and efficient environment for FEA and optimization workflows.

The company behind HyperWorks: Established in 1985, Altair Engineering, Inc. is a leading global technology corporation based in Troy, Michigan, USA. The company focuses on delivering advanced software and cloud-based solutions for product design, engineering, and high-performance computing (HPC). Among Altair's extensive product offerings is the renowned HyperWorks software suite, widely utilized for computer-aided engineering (CAE) tasks.

Committed to empowering clients with cutting-edge design and decision-making methodologies, Altair caters to a diverse array of industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, energy, and heavy industry. By leveraging Altair's software solutions, engineers and designers can enhance product efficiency, expedite the development process, and minimize production expenses.

Alongside the HyperWorks suite, Altair offers a range of other software solutions. These include solidThinking for industrial design and conceptual development, PBS Works for managing high-performance computing workloads, and Altair One for seamless cloud-based software access and collaboration. Furthermore, the company provides expert consulting services and specialized engineering knowledge to help clients attain their objectives.

With a far-reaching global footprint, Altair maintains offices and collaborates with partners across North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring its presence in key markets.

HyperWork FAQs:

What is HyperMesh and HyperWorks?

HyperMesh, a key component of the HyperWorks software suite, is a high-performance finite element pre-processor employed in preparing models for computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis. Recognized for its superior meshing capabilities, geometry clean-up tools, and compatibility with multiple computer-aided design (CAD) formats, HyperMesh supports an extensive array of solvers. Engineers and designers rely on HyperMesh to generate top-quality meshes vital for precise and efficient simulations across diverse disciplines, including structural analysis, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics.

The HyperWorks software suite serves as a versatile CAE solution with an open-architecture design, encompassing a variety of tools for activities such as modeling, visualization, optimization, and simulation. This suite is strategically crafted to aid engineers in devising cutting-edge products while minimizing both time and expenses associated with product development.

Is HyperWorks free?

HyperWorks, a software suite created by Altair Engineering, Inc., is not available as a free product. As a commercial offering, users need to purchase a license to access its range of tools and capabilities. License costs can vary based on selected modules, features, or package options.

Altair does provide a limited-functionality, free student edition of HyperWorks for individuals enrolled in academic programs.

Does HyperWorks include OptiStruct?

Yes, OptiStruct is the solver module of the HyperWork Suite

Is HyperMesh included in HyperWorks?

Yes HyperMesh is the Pre-Processor module of the HyperWork Suite

HyperWorks Alternatives:

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